DJI Mini 2 Strobe Light FAIL I experimented using a DJI Mini 2 Strobe Light to try and repel birds from my DJI Mini 2 !
Here I show an example of how not to fly your DJI mini 2. I do not condone engaging in Reckless flying. But it can be fun to push the envelope! 😉
DJI Fly Update 1.4.4 and DJI Mini 2 Firmware V01.03.0000 has been released last week. In this video, I will demo what you are getting and test if it has fixed the DJI Mini 2 connection issue I was seeing with DJI Smart Controller
Enjoy my in-depth DJI MINI 2 Flight Review. Does it live up to the HYPE? Is it the best mini drone? Mini 2 Fly Combo here or Mini 2 Standard here Mavic Air 2 here for better tracking & avoidance Can the DJI Mini 2 really [More]
Are you new to drone flying? Did you just get the DJI Mini 2? This video breaks down everything you need to know about flying with the Mini 2 and some ways to get better looking footage out of this drone.
Great Yarmouth holidays have opened a new channel & will be bringing you more videos throughout the year from in and around Great Yarmouth. so to view more videos please go and help us bring you more like this.
Join me as I take a trip from Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth on a speed boat! I take in the sights from the North Sea past Lowestoft, Corton, Hopton, Gorleston & Great Yarmouth From the water some of the highlights, we come across a surfer from the RNLI in Gorleston, [More]
The Saturday Market at Great Yarmouth. Full of local people and many in mobility scooters so watch out! The market has dwindled over the years and many pitches are empty. The famous chip stalls are still there, but not so busy as they once were. Join me on this little [More]
Join us as we head to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach to experience all of the fantastic rides at this sea front amusement park! We will ride the major rides including the classic 1932 roller coaster POV. 2021 has seen many improvements to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach including a complete overhaul [More]
Come join me on a tour of Merrivale Model Village on Great Yarmouth Seafront. I check out this miniature town and railway as I get exclusive access before it opened one Saturday morning! I also check out the Old Penny Arcade which uses real old pennies in the amusements and [More]