How To Build a Digital Product Store Selling Downloadable Products (2021)

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In this Youtube-video I’ll show you how to build a free digital product store using WordPress and WooCommerce. We will be using Astra’s Starter Template for e-products, the elementor page builder and WPforms. But first we need to register a domain name and web hosting at Siteground. Via this provider we will also be installing a free SSL certificate and email account. After that, we go through the basic settings in WordPress and show you what needs to be adjusted. After that I will show you how to add downloadable products to the home and store page. I will also go through the WooCommerce settings, and show you how to configure taxes and add payment gateways. Therefore, we use additional plugins like WooCommerce services and WooCommerce PDF & Invoices. Furthermore, we need to install plugins like: Direct Checkout for WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Menu Cart. Down below you can find an overview of this video and links to valuable external sources. If you want to skip parts of this video, then go to the timestamps. If this eCommerce tutorial was helpful to you? Like this video and subscribe for future content.


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