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Virtual 360 photography is one main feature of selling your property, Houses caravan or chalets are now one of our most booked jobs that we are doing. Chalets are using it as a selling point to get bookings for the coming season. Long gone have the happy snaps or mobile photos people want to view what they are getting for their money. And now with 360 ariel photography, they can also view the campsites see how far they have to walk to the beach or get a newspaper. Some of our customers also request a drive to their caravan or chalet included in there 360 tours SAMPLE.


Hotels can now show off their accommodation. Walk around before you book. we add a bell in the reception to point to the website of your choice or maybe link it to your Facebook page You Can even Book Your Room Try It Ring The bell

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This is the willows guest house. As you can see there is a number of different coloured rooms And a bell to go to their website 

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Chalets can also now request an ariel photo of the campsite.  We can add markers to link to entertainment showing at their clubhouse or the nearest supermarket or swimming pool. 

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